Thursday, January 15, 2015

Zenwise Hair Growth Vitamins {Review}

I have been struggling for last 2 years to get my hair to grow so I finally caved and decided to try vitamins in hopes that something would help.

All throughout my life, my hair has been long and down to my back. When I graduated high school, I decided to cut it and it has hardly grown long like I want it too.

Zenwise asked me to try their Hair Growth Vitamins and I said absolutely.

Their capsules are easy to swallow because they are soft.  And included in those capsules are 5000 btu of biotin which helps promote hair growth and just healthy hair.

It also helps with other deficiencies your body might be having to help your hair grow.

I did notice my hair start to grow some, not a huge difference yet but it's definitely longer than when I started taking my vitamins.

My sister did some highlights in my hair this summer and started at the roots as you would and my hair has grown enough that my highlights are further back in my hair and I no longer have anything in the front. I will continue to take these and see how long I can grow my hair. I've come to realize I may be deficient in something in my body that is stopping my hair from growing.

One thing I did notice is, well this does make everything else grow quicker as well - legs and armpits etc. But if that's the least I can find wrong with it, this company is doing something right!

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