Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Seaweed Powder {Review}

I simply enjoy trying Insta Natural's products! This one is their 100% natural Seaweed Powder!
It comes in a huge 24oz tub! There is enough to make LOTS of different facial masks or even to wrap your body! (I haven't had the chance to do the wraps YET.)

"This natural seaweed kelp powder improves skin tone and texture while making this in the comfort of your home. There is plenty of vitamins, minerals and iodine that help remove the impurities from your while relieving aches and pains"

As I said above you can use this as a body wrap to help with cellulite. You mix as directed on the tub and then wrap yourself in saran/plastic wrap, but a sheet or sweatpants and shirt over you to help sweat out the toxins and take a warm shower. Again, I have not gotten to try that aspect as I don't have the unlimited time to be indisposed if you will. But I can't wait to try it SOON!

But I did get to try it as a facial mask/scrub and I did enjoy it. It made my face feel great but I smelt like a walking swamp marsh due to the seaweed smell. If you can tolerate that it isn't bad. If the smell was toned down a little bit I would love it even more than I already do. When using it as a facial the seaweed helps get rid of nasty toxins and help fight acne leaving you with a clean and softer face.
One of the best things, It is certified organic and 100% NATURAL kosher certified seaweed powder!

If you should try the scrub like I did with the sea salt, make sure the salt is finely ground. Trying to rub it on your face is a little rough, and slightly hard to apply, as you can see in my picture of it on my face, the chunks are the salt but it was a little messy applying so I definitely did it over the bathroom sink.. I would also recommend putting on some rubber gloves when applying because if you have long nails like I do, it gets under your nails.

I would definitely recommend this product as I do with all the other insta natural products that I have tried. They put some care into their products that not everyone does.

You can buy your own seaweed powder here on amazon ~ Seaweed

I recieved this product for free using the Tomoson website for my honest and unbiased opinion. Regardless, I only recommend products that I have personally used and think will benefit my readers.

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