Sunday, January 18, 2015

5 HTP Mood & Weight Support Pills {Review}

I have been in a wicked funk and definitely stressed which is no way to be especially when you have a happy 2yr old little girl.

So when Chronos Pharma let me review their natural and pure 5 HTP Mood & Weight Support Enhancer pills I figured I'd give it ago.

They drastically helped me do a 180. I've been calmer and my stress level though I have alot going on, it has been thrown by the way side and I'm just taking it as it comes. They are set at 50mg and you can take up to 200mg. I just took the smallest dose until I knew it'd be okay in my body since sometimes wacky side affects happen but I had none will these.

I will say, them advising to take it at night is a good idea as it honestly does make you drowsy and help you to fall asleep. I'm up throughout the night with my daughter so I can't honestly say that I had a restful sleep but someone who doesn't have interuptions, probably will be rested.

I also have a hard time loosing weight and I haven't as of yet seen any weight loss by using these but after using them for awhile, I probably would.

I would highly recommend trying these pills for any of the above listed reasons.

And you don't just have to take my word for it - look at all the other people who have tried this and love it on the reviews.

Check it out here on amazon ~ 5HTP

I recieved this product for free using Tomoson for my unbiased and honest opinion. Regardless I only recommend products I personally use and think will benefit my readers!

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