Monday, January 12, 2015

Wearever Mattress Pad {Review & Giveaway}

Having a toddler wet the bed is a pain in itself. Having to change the bed and everything their wearing. Luckily, I have a solution.

Wearever's Mattress Pad. Now I know when you hear mattress pad, your thinking the one that goes over the whole mattress. This is the perfect size for your toddler or twin bed that you can put ON TOP of the sheet, or under depending on your choice. They even have these long 'wings' if you will to keep it on the bed!!

If your toddler wets and the mattress pad is on top, all you have to do is move that instead of having to change the whole bed in the middle of the night. My daughter is notorious for holding it and being dry and then just letting the flood gates open. She is only 2 but it's crazy and I can't always catch it in time and this has been a life saver a number of times.

Now I know I'm only mentioning my toddler, but this can be used for anyone, including adults! Not only could you use this on your bed, you can use it on your furniture as well, hey accidents do happen to even the best of us. I used these while I was pregnant under neither me, just in time for my water to break at 6 in the morning - LIFE SAVER!

They are made with absorbent materials and a waterproof liner that keeps your bed or furniture dry. It has a cotton polyster blend which is very soft and will not irritate your skin as my daughter has sensitive skin and we use ours all the time. The best part - they are machine washable AND resuable!!!

Wearever has socks, underwear and mattress pads!
If you simply to purchase them, they can be found at the following links.

They were even awesome enough to let me give away a mattress pad!! 

I recieved this product for free using Tomoson website. Regardless I only recommend products that I actually use and think my readers will benefit  from as well.

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