Saturday, January 10, 2015

Car Seat Back Protector/Cover {Review}

We all know how much our toddler's love to kick the back of our seats, which in turn starts to ruin them and get them dirty.

Have you ever wondered if their was a way to prevent that but keep your seats in tact?

Let me share with you the Dot&Dot Car Seat Back Protector/Cover or even easier term, a kick mat. They let me review theirs and I couldn't be happier with it. It also comes with their awesome durable plastic bags with a zipper to restore it in if you choose not to leave it in your vehicle.

With my daughter forward facing she can perfectly reach my seat to kick. Now that's bad in itself especially while your driving. But what about when their walking and have dirty wet shoes from the rain or even snow on their feet?

Their kick mat will now save your seat and catch everything you don't want on your seat, I especially didn't care for her kicking when my seats are leather.

It's so easy to install, Their kick mat installs in less than 2 minutes and is a huge saver to your seat.
It has one buckle at the top that goes around/under your headrest. While the whole mat goes over the back of your seat and there is another clip down the bottom that goes around the back/bottom of your seat. It stays right in place. And both buckles are adjustable.

It's extra large size is great as I have a big suv and it covers my whole seat perfectly. It's roughly 18.5x23.6 inches long. It's made of durable materials that will last you a lifetime.

It's also very easy to clean, you could probably even throw it right in the washing machine,Easily clean dirt with wipes or wash with cold water and mild detergent.. I luckily haven't had to wash mine yet, it still looks as new as the day I put it in.

The material is water resistant, it also has a non absorbent surface that protects your seat when your little one kicks.

The best part - their products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed but I highly doubt you'll have an issue!

Are you read to order yours? Check them out here you can buy one single one or you can buy a 2 pack ~ on Amazon

I recieved this product for free using Regardless, I only recommend products that I actually use and think my readers will find useful as well.

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