Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bento-Ware Laptop Lunches {Review}

How many of you take your lunch or dinner to work with you or even on the go? Have you ever had a problem fitting a container into a lunch bag? I have and it's frustrating.

This is where Bento-Ware Laptop Lunches comes in handy. They are a wonderful company that offers containers to put your food in, lunch bags and other great accessories necessary for a great meal on the go!

I got to review an adorable lunch bag, containers and an owl ice pack!

 Lunch bag ~ it was definitely bigger than I expected it to be but I'm perfectly okay with that! It's such a roomy lunch tote! The colors are fabulous (orange & pink) and the pattern is adorable (paisley). It definitely doesn't look like everyone else's lunch bag and is awesome. Working nights I like to take lots of stuff with me incase supper at work isn't my first choice, snacks and some drinks. And you can fit all that in this bag AND MORE! More you might ask, that's right there is even a pocket for your tablet! I haven't used mine for that because I'm brutal with my bags and just don't think before I put it down but ideally you could use the pocket for anything. I love the fact that bag is insulated to keep things cold or hot. It also has a leak proof lining which one day may come in very handy since spills are inevitable.

 Ice Pack ~ Is an adorable owl pattern. I love the bright colors of it. It definitely keeps cold for quite a while being such a small ice pack. Something I didn't know until I received this is when packing your lunch, always put the ice pack on top because the cold travels down to keep your food cold in the bag! Though if you are opening and closing the bag alot it will be slightly less effective but you get the idea! The ice pack is also reusable which is a plus since some aren't.

Containers ~ the package I picked comes with 4. They are a pretty magenta color since they don't have pink ones. And well let's face it, they match the lunch bag quite wonderfully. The package says they are leakproof, I haven't exactly tested nor experienced anything so far that would lead me to believe other wise but I might have to just try that sometime soon! I like how on the container lids there is an idea what you might use each container for such as lettuce, fruit, condiments naturally you can use this which ever way you want for whatever you want. I happen to like using my largest one for my meat, the middle one for my croutons, the next one for my dressing and the smallest for my meds that I need to keep handy. At first I noticed the lids were a little hard to push on, but as I read the instructions it clearly tells you that is a common occurrence and to set them in hot warm to loosen them and snap them on. As you continue use it will increase the maneuverability of the lids. I really am pleased with the containers, you can even set them inside the largest and make your own combo instead of doing them like I did.

On their website, they also have napkins, utensils, beverage holders, and other neat accessories to make lunch fun for any age. Maybe I'm a big kid at heart but I'd definitely order more to make my lunches more fun. Like the sandwich cutters are a neat idea that would be great for a toddler lunch.

 Over all I am pleased with the products from Bento-Ware and would highly recommend them to someone looking to be a little greener with their own lunches or their childrens. It's a great way to reuse containers and cut down on plastic wrap and baggies which we all know don't hold anything well and are notorious for leaking.

One thing I will make sure to highly point out - when ordering make sure to pay the extra and get quicker shipping. I did the standard and it took what seemed like forever to get here from when I ordered. When I did the tracking it said the package was delayed due to UPS being late and when I contacted UPS and Bento-Ware no one could help me determine where my package was since the tracking number hadn't been updated on the site, it made it look like it hadn't moved from one location and when it was going to get here. Luckily it was only a day late getting here but still that was very bothersome. I was honestly worried it was lost.

Check out Bento-Ware ~ Shop On

 Regardless I only recommend products I would use and I think my readers will use.

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