Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The COVERPLUG Paintable Outlet Cover {Review}

Having a 2yr old is always a reason to have 15 sets of eyes on her at all times. But naturally you can't always. Where she is inquisitive and into everything, including outlets I had to see if there was something else to keep her safe.

Thankfully Coverplug let me review there 2 pack of their COVERPLUG paintable outlet covers.

They are your standard plastic and look just like your outlet covers without the holes, you don't need any tools to instal/put them in, it's quick and easy to do. They fit all standard electrical outlets. They are also pretty easy to remove, either you can pull them off, or without breaking a nail, stick a flat head screw driver behind it and pull forward.

It's also great because you can paint it so that it matches any room that you may need the plug, whether you want to hide the outlet or just keep curious little fingers out of harms reach.

They are made in the USA which is a big must for me.

The one fault, I did have is that although in theory it's a great design - it wasn't foolproof for my 2yr old tornado. She noticed that it was there the day after I put it in and she didn't see me place it either and immediately went to pull it out to try to plug something else in the spot. Now mind you this isn't something I encourage and she knows she isn't supposed to do it but is currently at the testing mommy stage. That isn't to say that other children wouldn't leave it alone but my toddler isn't your normal toddler, she is way smarter than most people give her credit for.

I would still highly recommend them because they do make your wall look simplified and clean and would still benefit a younger child. If there was one recommendation that I could make to cover plug, it might be to add some kind of clip or screw just in the center to firmly fold it in place.

Overall I would definitely considering purchasing more of these covers!

You can buy them on Amazon here ~ Coverplug
Or visit their website for more info here ~ Coverplug

I recieved this product for free using the tomoson website, regardless I only recommend products that I have personally used and think will benefit my readers.

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