Monday, February 16, 2015

Glow Sticks {Review}

I love glow sticks and think they're extremely fun. My daughter enjoys them, so much so she decided she was going to drop them in the bathtub which was perfectly fine.

But then she was silly and decide she was going to drop them in the toilet! It was cool having them glow, but not so much having to throw them away while they're still glowing!

It was fun doing a review of these glowsticks from Good Stuff.

You get a huge tub of 100 sticks with 100 connectors. The possibilities are endless.

They do last a good 8hrs, from the time you crack them which is really good considering you can get other glow sticks that don't last that long.

There are TONS of colors ~ Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Pink. I did notice with the first pink one I cracked wasn't as bright as it should've been but didn't have any problems with the others.

Definitely saving a bunch for the 4th of July!

My daughter even put them in her face to pretend to be a walrus. Which I don't usually condone having her put them in her mouth especially when she is 2yrs old and still teething like a crazy girl.

I definitely think your children will have lots of fun with these anytime you want a little fun with glow sticks, whether it be outside during the summer around a bonfire or just having fun with friends.

Definitely check them out here and buy your own! ~ Glow Sticks

I recieved this product for my honest unbiased opinion using the Tomoson website. Regardless I only recommend products that I have personally used and think my readers will benefit from!

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