Monday, February 29, 2016

PottyCover - Disposable Toilet Seat Covers For Kids {Review}

Do you have a toddler that recently became potty trained? 
Do you get grossed out at the thought of them using a public toilet?
I know I have! So I was all for reviewing these amazing Potty Covers!

After using these, I am absolutely a fan!
Not only are they waterproof, they give you that safe barrier between your child's or even your own clothes and the germs on the toilet. It's plenty big enough for all those odd shaped toilets whenever your out and about.

The front has an extra large area to cover the front of the toilet where most germs would lay.
There is no tape or sticky residue to get the cover to be in place on the toilet, you just open one of the individual packs and have this huge protectant!

This is the cover open to full sized - yes I used it at home first to take pictures because lets face it, I wasn't taking pictures of a dirty restroom to post all over the internet! And my toddler still enjoyed using it at home!

Regardless you can see it still covers and has plenty of room, both in front and on the sides of the toilet cover! They are a non woven material so they are very soft compared to the regular ones you find in the restroom stalls.

In a package of the covers you get a total of 6! They all come individually wrapped so that you can leave one in your purse or throw them all in the car or diaper so that you have them handy! 

I definitely feel safer having my child use a public restroom since getting these to try! I had always wished that more restrooms had the toilet covers in every bathroom but that's unrealistic since companies don't want to spend the money. Instead, I can spend the well worth it money and know that my daughter is safe and protected against germs!
As a toddler, whenever we go somewhere new she always wants to use the restroom just to check it, now I'll be okay with that!

If you want to hurry and purchase your own, feel free to follow the link to amazon ~ Potty Cover

*I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review! Regardless I only recommend products that I have used and think my readers will enjoy. All opinions, images are my own!*

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