Friday, October 3, 2014

Re-Play Recycled Tableware {Review}

I went to Wal-Mart the other day in search of some plastic type plates for my daughter and my nephew to eat off of, other than our glass ones. I just don't trust those little hands! And searching the baby aisle, I came across these packages that were 3 divided plates and some matching bowls by a company called RePlay Recycled Tableware. They are made in the USA which is definitely hard to come by these days. They are BPA FREE, and the best part they are made from Recycled Milk Jugs. FDA Approved and Dishwasher safe which is a plus! But however it does say not to use in the microwave which is fine.


The price I believe was $4.98 for the 3 divided plates, $3.98 for the 3 bowls. Not to bad considering. I love the girly colors of the plates and wanted those in the bowls but they didn't have them so I got the boy colors of the bowls. The high walls help my little one keep food on the plate while learning to use silverware properly. It neatly keeps food seperated for those children who don't like things touching or together. Mine just likes to see if she has the same things on her plate as mommy.
The bowls are perfect for her since she is learning to eat cereal on her own, or even just having a snack in them, we had previously tried spaghetti in it.
The one thing I did find with the bowls, which this does happen quite frequently with anything that isn't glass, when used for spaghetti - the sauce stains the plastic. I found that ketchup doesn't however.


When looking on the package, I didn't notice a website which is kind of a bummer but since I know my way around the internet I googled the name and found the websit easily enough. Once on there website on the right hand side it did have all the links you could want (facebook, pinterest, twitter). I wanted to check out there site to see what else they might have for products, where to buy more since that was the first time I saw them at Wal-Mart and naturally I like to price shop.

I would definitely recommend the products from this company to anyone looking for an earth friendly product, reasonably priced, and with a great selection. They also have Utensils, No Spill Cups, Soft Spout Cups, Drinking Cup, Snack Stack and Teething Keys!
Have you heard of this company? Have you ever purchased any of these items? Would you purchase them? Let me know your thoughts!!

*Disclosure: Miss Behavin' Momma did not recieve monetary compensation, or reimbursement for this review or products. This is my sole honest opinion, and does not depict the opinion of others. All pictures are my property.*


  1. Love these. I found them the cheapest at King Soopers for less than $5 a set

    1. I'm not sure what that is. Is it a store or something online? Walmart is closest to me, I did notice yesterday that had the silverware as well but that was it.