Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Silicone Baking Cups {Review}

Baking is a huge hobby of mine and I do bake alot. I have even continuously made my daughter's 1st & 2nd birthday cakes. I'm always looking for something that will make it easier on me when prepping or the tiniest bit to make it easier such as things being reusable.

Now when we make cupcakes we all know how well those paper cups do not stay up well when you pour any type of mix into them, not to mention how much they stick to the cupcake and when you pull the apart, they rip the edges.

This is wear silicone baking cups come in handy. They are great sturdy cups, in bright colors, they are food safe silicone. They are dishwasher safe, microwave safe and even freezer safe! How many can you say that about!?

These baking cups fill so easily. It's so refreshing not to have to move a paper cup so many times once the batter is in and the walls start to fall. For reviewing purposes I did use some as well so to compare while putting batter in and baking.

You can visibly see the difference between how well the silicone fills with no moving of the cups versus the paper where the sort of buckle once you put batter in it. Then it makes the cupcakes weird.

Side by side view of the cups ready to go in the oven. I love the pop of color from the cups and my sprinkles. I was very bored when I did this and they didn't come out the way that I wanted. OOPS!

Cupcakes fresh out of the oven, don't mind the color, I spaced what I was doing, mommy brain had me side tracked and I almost burnt them. But irrelevant since it was to make my review.
I love how they are almost all the same size using the silicone cups versus the paper.
They still came out amazingly easy. Keep in mind, I did not spray anything in either cups in order to try this. Just baked as I normally would.

You can see how clean the silicone cup ones came out clean against the paper cups. After using these I would never go back to paper and really need to invest in more of these silicone cups. 
One thing I wasn't overly thrilled with is that when I did bake, after I did have to let them sit in water to be able to wash them since it does take a little scrubbing to get them out of the tiny crevices. I will definitely try them in the dish washer to see if they come out cleaner than hand washing, it also may have been because I also over cooked them. Either way, trial and error.

I would definitely purchase more and greatly recommend them to others.
You can buy your own here ~ Silicone Cups

I received these for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Regardless I only recommend things that I have personally used and think my readers will enjoy as well.

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